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31 Oct 2014

Shortlisted Projects | Creative Encounters and Creative Networks 2014/15



Proposals for ASEF’s Creative Networks and Creative Encounters programmes have been shortlisted this month, following a thorough review of the submitted proposals. 

For Creative Networks Second Edition, 8 proposals have been shortlisted from 39 submissions. For Creative Encounters Fourth Edition, 6 creative proposals have been shortlisted from 117 submissions. The selection of shortlisted projects was conducted in partnership with Arts Network Asia.

The shortlisted applicants have been requested to submit a detailed proposal by Monday, 1 December 2014. Successful applicants will be notified in January 2015.

ASEF Creative Networks 2nd edition (2014-15) – Shortlisted Projects

  1. An International Strategy for culture and the environment
    A two-day symposium on the effects of environmental sustainability for the arts communities in Asia and Europe
    Partners:  Julie’s Bicycle (United Kingdom), IETM – International Network for the Contemporary Performing Arts (Belgium)

  2. Connect Your Future(s)
    A mapping of online cultural platforms and a conference on cultural mobility, creative industries and digitized heritage
    Partners:  Agence Luxembourgeoise d’Action Culturelle (Luxembourg), Planting Rice (Philippines), On the Move (Belgium)

  3. Creative Cities Network
    A series of workshops and seminars to expand the South East Asia Creative Cities Network (SEACCN) and involve European cities
    Partners:  Chiangmai University  Science Technology Park Secretariat of the Creative Chiangmai (Thailand), Bandung Creative City Forum (Indonesia), Creative Cebu Council (Philippines), Penang Think City (Malaysia), George Town Festival (Malaysia)

  4. Culture and Creative Hub Net
    Establishment of a new network of Cultural and Creative Hubs between Asia and Europe
    Partners: ADDICT – Creative Industries Agency Portugal (Portugal), ECBN – European Creative Business Network (Netherlands), CI-USJ – Faculty of Creative Industries, University of Saint Joseph (China)

  5.  Curating Batik
    A series of workshops to develop marketing and brand strategies on batik collections between museum experts in Asia and Europe
    Partners: Weltmuseum Wien (Austria), Museum Tekstil Jakarta (Indonesia), Náprstek Museum  of Asian, African and American Cultures (Czech Republic)

  6. SEAAA Mobility Platform
    A network of mobility funders to support individual grants in Asia and Europe
    Partners: Roberto Cimetta Fund (France), Korea Arts Management Service (Republic of Korea), Australia Council for the Arts (Australia)

  7. The Asia Pacific Screen Lab @ GFS
    A one-year film co-production training laboratory for emerging filmmakers from the Asia Pacific region
    Partners: Griffith Film School (Australia), Ateliers du Cinéma Européen (France), Mediterranean Film Institute (Greece), Australian Directors Guild (Australia), Torino Film Lab (Italy), Asia Pacific Screen Academy

  8. THRIVE Networking Culture Leaders
    Capacity building workshop and report to help enhance the leadership and effectiveness of international culture networks
    Partners: International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (Australia), Arts Network Asia (Singapore), European League of Institute of the Arts (The Netherlands).

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Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe 4th edition (2014-15) - Shortlisted Projects

  1. Bread Houses – Community Creation
    A series of community workshops to exchange culinary and cultural practices between Asia and Europe
    Partners: Bread Houses Network (Bulgaria), Seongnam Cultural Foundation (Korea)

  2. Circus On The Edge
    A training of trainers and public performances in circus arts with a strong community engagement in Thailand
    Partners: Makhampom Foundation (Thailand), Circusschule Die Rotznasen e. V (Germany)

  3. Co-Creating Spatial Narratives
    A series of workshops focusing on the process of co-creation in craft design innovation involving artisans, architects and designers, resulting in an exhibition in the Netherlands
    Design Innovation Craft Resource Center (India), CREARE Foundation (Netherlands), CraftCanvas (India), Studio Makkink & Bey (Netherlands)

  4. Curating – In – Depth
    A series of lectures and workshops on contemporary curatorial practice for emerging artists, critics and curators, with visual arts exhibitions in Slovenia and the Philippines
     SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana (Slovenia), Planting Rice (Philippines)

  5. Dance Connect 2015
    Mentoring of emerging choreographers through artists’ residencies and commissioning of new pieces and touring.
    Partners: Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (India), O Espaco Do Tempo (Portugal), Mercat De Les Flors (Spain), European Dancehouse Network (Spain)

  6. Sharing Practices of Art for Common Existence
    Training workshops for visual artists and creation of 3D artistic projections
    Partners: International Initiatives for Cooperation (Bulgaria), Asociacion de Investigacion de la Industria del Juguete, Conexas Y Afines (Spain), NIVRITI (India), ARTILT-D biedriba (Latvia), Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly (Philippines), Solidarites Jeunesses Vietnam(Viet Nam).


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