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04 Feb 2015

6 Winning Projects | ASEF Creative Networks


Six projects from a pool of 39 proposals have been selected for support in 2015, through the second edition of ASEF Creative Networks:

1) Connect Your Future(s) is a mapping of online cultural platforms and a conference on cultural mobility, creative industries and digitized heritage. The project aims to map existing online information platforms related to cultural mobility, creative industries and digitised heritage as a basis to connect these platforms and avoid duplication of existing initiatives in Asia and Europe. The project also aims to encourage exchange of good practices, to foster individual learning through peer-to-peer sessions and to impulse the emergence of cooperation projects helping to connect Asia and Europe. Project partners include Agence Luxembourgeoise d’Action Culturelle (Luxembourg)Planting Rice (Philippines) andOn the Move (Belgium).

2) Culture and Creative Hub Net is a new network of Cultural and Creative Hubs between Asia and Europe. The project aims to identify, engage and understand the needs of creative and cultural hubs as well as to provide the necessary conditions for long-term network sustainability. Project partners include ADDICT – Creative Industries Agency Portugal (Portugal)ECBN – European Creative Business Network (The Netherlands) and CI-USJ – Faculty of Creative Industries, University of Saint Joseph (China)

3) Curating Batik is a series of workshops to develop marketing and brand strategies on batik collections between museum experts in Asia and Europe presented in the framework of the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS). The project aims to deepen analysis of Batik collections of the Weltmuseum Wien and the Naprstek museum and to exchange of marketing and branding strategies between Weltmuseum Wien and Museum Teksil Jakarta. The research and workshop is an important part of the preparation for their upcoming exhibition on batik which will open in 2017. Project partners include the ASEMUS members Weltmuseum Wien (Austria), Museum Tekstil Jakarta (Indonesia) and Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures (Czech Republic)

4) SEAAA Mobility Platform is a network of mobility funders that supports individual grants in Asia and Europe. The project aims to respond to artistic, directional and geographic imbalances, by establishing a network of mobility funders from ASEM countries to fund different artistic and cultural mobility routes within the Euro-Asia region. It also aims to support the mobility and creative projects of individual beneficiary artists and cultural operators in ASEM countries by running an open call, evaluating the applications, selecting the beneficiaries, reimbursing travel expenses and collecting reports. Project partners include Roberto Cimetta Fund (France), Korea Arts Management Service (Republic of Korea) and Australia Council for the Arts (Australia)

5) The Asia Pacific Screen Lab @ GFS is a one-year film co-production training laboratory for emerging filmmakers from the Asia Pacific region. The project will take place at the Griffith Film School in Brisbane (Australia). It aims to match emerging filmmakers with award winning mentors from Asia and Europe, to collaborate and develop script and pitch documents for a cross-cultural feature film that draws from the filmic traditions of both regions. It also looks at creating an ongoing one-on-one mentorship and collaborative training vehicle and network to train emerging filmmakers, to tell stories that showcase the connections between Asia and Europe. Project partners include Griffith Film School (Australia), Ateliers du Cinéma Européen (France), Mediterranean Film Institute (Greece), Australian Directors Guild (Australia), Torino Film Lab (Italy) and Asia Pacific Screen Academy (Australia)

6) THRIVE Networking Culture Leaders is a capacity building workshop to help enhance the leadership and effectiveness of international culture networks. The project aims to document and share information about good practices in strategic planning for culture networks with a view to improving practices, inspiring network leaders, and providing resources for networks in Asia and Europe. It also aims to support networks to develop, diversify and build their advocacy activities and potential partners. Project partners include the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies - IFACCA (Australia), Arts Network Asia (Singapore) and the European League of Institute of the Arts (The Netherlands).


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