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21 Nov 2012

Creative Encounters 2nd Edition | Finalists announced!


The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and its partners the Arts Network Asia (ANA) and Trans Europe Halles (TEH) are delighted to announce the 6 winners that have been selected among the 13 shortlisted projects of the latest edition of Creative Encounters (2012-2013).

The selected projects are:

DEFAULT 13 (Italy/China): A 10-day residency between 18 artists from Asia and Europe to take place in Lecce, Italy, to discuss the role of art and its implications in social and urban contexts.
Organisers: Ramdom Association (Italy) and Art Hub Asia (China).
Date: September 2013.

Franco-German documentary film training (France/Germany/Philippines/Indonesia/Malaysia): This project will provide professional training in documentary filmmaking to a selected number of young filmmakers from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
OrganisersGoethe Institut Manila and the Embassy of France to the Philippines, in collaboration with Ateliers Varan in Paris.
Date: April-November 2013.

Architectural Event in Kaunas (Lithuania/Japan): As part of the Kaunas Architecture Festival 2013, this project comprising an exhibition, workshop, and seminar, will gather 20 architecture students from Japan and Lithuania to develop design proposals for the Kaunas city waterfront area.
Organisers: Architects Association of Lithuania and Japan Institute of Architects.
Date: September 2013.

Platform for Asian and European Mobility Funders (Belgium/Czech Republic/Indonesia): This 2-day meeting will provide an opportunity for Asian and European funders to meet, exchange, and learn from various experiences, as well as explore the future potential of mobility and exchange in the field of art and culture.
Organisers: Art Theatre Institute (Czech Republic), Kelola Foundation (Indonesia), On The Move (Belgium)
Date: June 2013

Public Laboratory (Austria/Indonesia): The Museum of Ethnology in Vienna will present an exhibition on ‘Dance in Asia’ involving 5 Asian choreographers as co-curators. The exhibition will present the lives and works of contemporary artists in relationship to historical artefacts from the museum’s collection.
Organisers: Museum für Völkerkunde (Museum of Ethnology) Vienna (Austria), Jakarta Institute of Performing Arts (Indonesia) and ImPulsTanz (Austria)
Date: April 2013.

Toward an Indonesia Literary Translation Centre (China/Indonesia/United Kingdom): This series of workshops aims to promote literary translation by involving a group of emerging translators led by an author and a translator in Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Chinese.
Organisers: Paper Republic (China), Inisiatif (Indonesia), British Centre for Literary Translation (United Kingdom)
Date: June-July 2013

ASEF would like to congratulate the successful project applicants and thank all those who have expressed their interest in the Creative Encounters Programme.

For more information:
The Creative Encounters programme supports collaborative bi-regional projects initiated by artists, cultural managers, arts organisations, and art networks. Through this initiative, ASEF has successfully fostered Asia-Europe partnerships and created opportunities for networking, cultural exchange, and co-operation between Asia and Europe.