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08 Oct 2018

Prague's Letní Letná Festival

Since Prague's Letní Letná Festival's founding in 2004, the festival has been featuring new acts from both Czech and international scene of contemporary circus. It. has presented more than 1,477 shows that were attended by more than 324,000 spectators. 

Thanks to the festival, the Czech Republic has hosted prominent names of the international contemporary circus scene. The festival’s attractiveness is growing: the first edition offered 60 shows to 6,300 spectators, the 2017 edition attracted over 45,000 spectators to as many as 190 shows. Since 2004, Letní Letná has grown into a stable pillar of the cultural calendar, not only in Prague but also on the national level, building up a unique profile of an event that systematically hosts the best of international contemporary circus and, at the same time, provides cultural and leisure activities to children and their families.

Letní Letná has become a solid platform presenting the work of Czech contemporary circus and theatre companies to the general public. The charm of the event as a whole translates into massive and effective publicity for such specific projects. Besides, the festival is an important meeting point where Czech artists can approach foreign productions, serving as an enriching interface for the development of new circus as a discipline in the Czech Republic.