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12 Feb 2015

Creative Chiang Mai (CCM)

Creative Chiang Mai (CCM) is a network, vision and initiative to promote creativity and innovation in Chiang Mai. The initiative is largely voluntary based. The mission is to develop Chiang Mai, focussing on sustainability, liveability, economic development, and jobs and opportunity creation.

Creative Chiang Mai regularly holds meetings on different issues and organizes or supports projects, seminars, competitions, events and other activities. Creative Chiang Mai encourages everybody to take action and work together to continue improving Chiang Mai as a place to live and work.

Creative Chiang Mai focuses on creatives industries; particularly functional design, software, digital content, visual / contemporary arts, crafts and furniture; as well as creativity in education and urban development. Amongst the key initiatives and projects are:

-          A partnership  initiative with other ASEAN creative cities (

-          Using digital technologies in the craft industry (

-          Regular support of TEDx events in Chiang Mai (

-          Regular events and competitions related to design, entrepreneurship, arts, etc.

-          & many more (see “projects” on our website as well as FB for regular updates).

A Development Committee meets once a quarter and the Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park functions as the secretariat of both network and committee.

The network welcomes inquiries from organizations in Europe and Asia and are happy to connect interested parties with our members and supporters in Chiang Mai for idea exchange or collaboration on projects and events.