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02 Mar 2016

5 years of Creative Chiang Mai


Creative Chiang Mai presents its 5-Year Anniversary Book, with a timeline documenting the activities of the creative city initiative in northern Thailand, and featuring activities such as Craft Connect, TEDx, AuthentiCities and the Southeast Asian Creative Cities Network. All have contributed to the momentum and success of Creative Chiang Mai.

If you want to know what Creative Chiang Mai has been doing, please have a look at our 5-Year Anniversary Book now available for download from our website.

CCM would like to thank Chiang Mai University for the providing some financial support over some of the years (and hope that the Government will also support us in the future). We truly appreciate the CMU Science & Technology Park has been carried the weight of being the secretariat of Creative Chiang Mai and we also would like to thank all members, partners, supporters and volunteers. With a regard to the making of the 5-year Anniversary Book (and many other works), we have to express our true appreciation to Khun Methee and the entire Deco-Moda team, we know how long it took you to put together our messy information to create such a wonderful book. This book is really special to us - for the first time, we see a timeline of all the activities, large and small, on 60 pages in one place.

Creative Chiang Mai (CCM) is an idea, vision and initiative to promote creativity and innovation in Chiang Mai. CCM’s mission is to promote Chiang Mai as a Creative City, special economic zone and creative hub. The aims are to generate economic development and diversification, attract new investment, and create new jobs and opportunities.