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16 Oct 2013

Architects Association of Lithuania

Architects Association of Lithuania (founded in 1924) unites Lithuanian architects having diploma of architectural education and a status of an Art creator (assigned by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania). Architecture students and retired architects can become associate members of the organization. The membership is not compulsory.

Today AAL has 1081 members.

The main tasks of the AAL are to promote quality of architecture and living environment, to raise public awareness and participation in the process of urban development; to enhance collaboration between different participants of urban development (state, cities, various institutions, societies, and professionals); to represent Lithuanian architecture internationally and in a global context; to foster international collaboration among Lithuanian and foreign architects.

Together with Lithuanian governmental bodies (Environment, Culture ministries and other) and institutions, research institutions and NGOs, AAL participates in planning and implementation of various programs and strategies, related to the architecture field. AAL organizes architectural competitions, awards, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, conferences and other events in Lithuania and abroad; consults governmental bodies and municipalities; deals with questions related with architectural ethics, Working in close collaboration with the Architects