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06 Sep 2010

Arts Printing House

Arts Printing House or (Menų spaustuvė) is a unique creative phenomenon in Lithuania, a vibrating performing arts venue and a meeting place for artistic souls. Established in a former printing house dating back to 1805, nowadays it produces a different kind of layouts, typecasts and linotypes – those that help develop a new understanding of creativity within the modern society.

While harboring the unique history, at the same time the Arts Printing House strives to bring about change and become the first infrastructural complex for creative industries in Lithuania. It aims to foster creativity and support performing arts NGOs. In other words, its vision is to serve as a matrix-case, which collects different types of independent performing arts projects into one place and it is a medium allowing them to share their artistic vision with the audience.

Infoteka is an information resource centre at Menų spaustuvė with a collection of paper and audio books, dvd's, periodicals on arts (with a special emphasis on performing arts) in Lithuanian and English. The core of the collection is made up from the books transfered here from the British Council library; others are given by various non-governmental Lithuanian performing arts organisations.