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18 Jun 2014

Cultural Management Without Borders | call for papers


Call for papers for 'Cultural Management Without Borders  – The Internationalization of Cultural Management and Cultural Management Education', the 9th annual conference of the Association of Cultural Management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Call for papers in English or German - deadline: June 18 2014

Cultural Management Without Borders conference: 15-17 January 2015 at Heilbronn University, Germany

With significant restructuring of international arts and cultural exchange, especially due to the digital revolution and the shifts in European societies caused by immigration, the field of cultural management is challenged to adopt an open attitude and explore new questions. Europe has witnessed incisive phases of internationalization through colonialism and post‐colonial theories. Simultaneously, it is experiencing dynamic changes led by the influences of technology and the exponential growth of the cultural and creative industries. So questions regarding the role of European culture and the international perception of Europe are pivotal. Some of the numerous questions that have to be addressed in the context of 'Cultural Management Without Borders', the 9th annual conference of the Association of Cultural Management are therefore:

• What key competencies does a cultural manager require to work as a broker between different cultures and different cultural value systems?
• How can future cultural managers be prepared for tasks in an international environment?
• What roles do European cultural goods and national cultural management approaches play in the globalized world?
• Who holds the interpretive power over what we transport abroad as culture and hence as an image of ourselves? Is culture constrained by the role of the soft diplomat?

Contributions in German or English should relate to unpublished projects which are concluded, or still in progress. The submitted texts should not exceed 500 words.

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The Fachverband Kulturmanagement/Association of Cultural Management is a professional association of academic lecturers and researchers in the field of cultural management for the German-speaking countries. The association’s mission is the representation and advancement of cultural management in research and teaching.