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10 Oct 2019

Curating Europe - call for arts and cultural management proposals

Call for proposals for the ACMC - ARTS AND CULTURAL MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE FOR STUDENTS AND YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, taking place 23-25 JANUARY 2020, in Groningen, Netherlands.

The conference is organised by students of the Cultural Leadership Research Master programme at the University of Groningen

We are all curators of our lives and the lives of the upcoming generations; we, as a young generation, students and young professionals, have a voice that matters and needs to be heard. The field of arts and culture can open up discussions about larger topics, such as society, politics, economics, psychology, and technology. Most importantly, it is our task to consider our role as future curators of Europe: like artists, we must test old formats and invent new ones. Europe, both as a continent and a wider sociological category, is in need of new translations, connections, and open intellectual borders between different cultures. With the help of your creative voices, let’s reflect on what it means to curate Europe on a global stage.

The key questions that we seek to address in the conference are the following:

• How are values, content, and meanings produced and transmitted in the arts and cultural management field within Europe?

• What does the current cultural horizon of Europe look like?

• What are the trends within cultural management practice?

• What are the core issues and perspectives on sustainability, protection and promotion of cultural heritage amidst the rapidly changing cultural landscape in Europe?

The organizers of ACMC welcome papers and proposals that are related, but not limited to the following topics:

DEMOCRACY: the vital role of arts and culture for the functioning of democracy. Cultural democracy and cultural rights as a tool for strengthening democracy. Better access to arts and culture and increasing participation.

DIGITALIZATION: the use of technologies and media in the arts and cultural management field. The impact of New Media, the Internet and digital arts. The shift from a passive viewer to an active user: new art forms and audience interaction.

EMPLOYMENT: the present challenges and trends of the labor market in the cultural sector. The extent to which arts and culture set the trend for the rest of the labor market both within and outside of the cultural field.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: views on cultural entrepreneurship and its connection to a broader economic discourse. A critical evaluation of the art world and the art market, how can it sustain itself, as well as how art and culture are consumed.

INTERNATIONALIZATION: internationalization and cross border collaborations between artists and cultural managers as well as the importance of ongoing global changes.

IDENTITY: Addressing different identities within the context of diaspora, migration, and dispersal of population. The role of artistic practices in regard to the acceptance of various identities and cultures. Tendencies on local, regional, national and global levels.

For individual contributions (presentations), the proposal should consist of an abstract with max. 2,500 characters plus a brief biography. For workshops, panel discussions or other formats please submit an abstract of max. 2,500 characters for the overall format as well as further abstracts on the individual contributions (if applicable) and short biographies of contributors.

Deadline for submissions: 10 October 2019

Submissions should be sent to: mail@acmconference.com

The ACMC aims to offer students and young professionals a unique platform to present their research, to exchange knowledge and to expand their professional network. On the occasion of the conference, 100-150 students and young professionals from various disciplines of arts and cultural management from all over Europe will come together in Groningen. A variety of different formats (paper presentations, lectures, workshops) will allow new theory and practice based insights, as well as sharing and exploring within this diverse and international group. Inputs from our international keynote speakers will initiate further discussions on the topics. Following the previous editions of this conference in Hamburg and Vienna, for this year’s edition we put the focus on Europe and its current cultural direction, as we titled the conference 'Curating Europe'.

Read full proposal http://acmconference.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Call-for-proposals-ACMC-2020-1.pdf