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25 Oct 2017

Interpret Europe Conference 2018: Call for Papers

Interpret Europe, the European Association for Heritage Interpretation, will hold its next annual Conference in Köszeg, Hungary, from 23 to 26 March 2018. It will be organised by the Hungarian Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (KÖME) and opened by the EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsis.

General information

Entitled 'Heritage and Identity', the Interpret Europe Conference 2018 will be linked to the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. Indeed, the question of identity is key when it comes to one's feelings towards Europe in all its diversity and one's relationship with single nation states, regions and local communities. One European region where identities most intermingle is the Austro-Hungarian border area. As a result, the conference will be run as a border-crossing event, with the pre-conference tour starting in Vienna, then travelling into Hungary and ending with a post-conference tour in Budapest. Kőszeg itself was a free royal town in medieval times and its castle became famous for its insolent resistance in slowing down a huge Ottoman campaign against Vienna. This castle, with its large Knight's Hall, will be the conference's central venue. Besides this, organisers will seek to bring alive the surrounding historic centre where there is almost no traffic and all sites are within comfortable walking distance.

Call for papers

Organisers of the Interpret Europe Conference 2018 are inviting proposals for presentations, workshops and other interactive sessions. Presentations can be 25 or 55 minutes long. It is generally recommended to keep them as short and inspiring as possible. Meanwhile, workshops and other interactive sessions can be 55 or 125 minutes long. They shall always be characterised by active involvement of participants. The delivery of full papers is not mandatory to give a presentation or to run a workshop. However, full papers that have been sent in time will be included in the conference proceedings. Abstracts for participation in the conference should be sent by 15 December 2017. For additional information about the Interpret Europe Conference 2018 and its accompanying call for papers, please visit