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20 Jul 2017

Swayambhu Foundation

Swayambhu Foundation is an organisation which works with the wholistic approach to sustainable development. The organisation’s core idea of work is centred around education, environment, employment and entertainment.

Swayambhu Foundation is extensively active in theatre-making, developing new performance, organising theatre workshops, seminars, conferences and festivals. Swayambhu Foundation also organises music festivals and folk/traditional art summits and festivals

The Foundation shares a profound relationship with many renowned artists around the world and students from several theatre institutes in India and abroad. The Foundation is an organisation which has the leadership of some eminent theatre personalities and energy of young theatre workers. Along with its mass cultural activities, it is the first of its own kind to work on collaborations between farmers and industries and traditional artists in India

The Foundation operates from Delhi with its working groups in Nimmalkuntha (A.P.), Dzangu (Sikkim), Pilani (Rajasthan), Kottagiri (Tamil Nadu) and is establishing its new centre for performing and visual arts in Nimaran on NH8 in Rajasthan.