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27 Apr 2019

Farm Studio Artist Residency 2019-2020 - call

Image of artists and local hosts in Rajasthan at Farm Studio residency

FARM Studio International Art Residency in rural area of Rajasthan, India is an open platform where creativity can unfold free from accustomed distractions. Open call to artists to apply for residencies in 2019-2020.

Artists can work in a unique atmosphere and in new environments where the potential for developing new works and/or collaborations between artists and artisans exists.  Andore (rural) have always been cultural hubs with longstanding traditions of art. Along with providing a residency centre for contemporary and traditional artists, we interact closely with, and encourage artists, writers, curators and critics, to engage with the local farmer communities.

Disciplines: Visual Art (Interdisciplinary or Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Installation, Performance art), New Media Art, Film maker, Curator, Research, Writing and Music.

Duration of residency:

·  1. Session: 10th October to 5th November 2019

·  2. Session: 5th November to 1st December 2019

·  3. Session: 1st December to 25 December 2019

·  4. Session: 5th January to 1st February 2020

·  5. Session: 1st February to  25th February 2020

Deadline: April 27, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: artists are responsible for paying their own travel and subsistence costs, and a $550 USD Residency fee. See website for details of what is provided by the residency.