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25 Jul 2018

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

The Ministry of Culture carries out administrative and other activities in the field of culture related to: development and promotion of culture, cultural and artistic creativity, cultural life and cultural activities; establishment of institutions and other legal persons in culture; promoting cultural ties with other countries and international institutions; professional and administrative affairs for the Croatian Commission for UNESCO; administrative affairs in the field of public information; Encourage the program of cultural needs of members of the Croatian people in other countries; providing financial, material and other conditions for the performance and development of cultural activities, in particular museum, gallery, library, archive, theater, music and music scene, publishing, visual arts and film.

The Ministry performs administrative and other tasks related to: research, study, monitoring, recording, documenting and promoting cultural heritage; central information and documentation service; Determining the properties of protected cultural goods; prescribing benchmarks for determining the program of public needs in the culture of the Republic of Croatia; care, harmonization and supervision of funding for the program of cultural heritage protection; establishment and supervision of institutions for carrying out cultural heritage activities; assessing the conditions for the work of legal and natural persons in restoration, conservation and other cultural heritage conservation activities; providing conditions for the education and training of skilled workers in cultural heritage affairs; implementation of traffic control, import and export of protected cultural goods; determining conditions for use and use of cultural goods, and managing cultural assets in accordance with regulations; Determining special construction conditions for the protection of cultural heritage sites; carrying out inspection activities for the protection of cultural heritage.

The Ministry performs tasks related to the participation of the Republic of Croatia in the work of the European Union bodies in the areas of its competence.

The vision of the Ministry of Culture is a society in which the freedom of cultural and artistic creativity and the media and the protection of cultural heritage are the basis for the preservation and development of cultural and national identity in the community of European peoples and the European Union.

The mission of the Ministry of Culture is to provide normative, organizational, financial, material and other conditions for the development of cultural and artistic creativity, media, protection and preservation of cultural heritage in the Republic of Croatia, as well as the presentation of Croatian culture in Europe and the world and support of versatile international cultural cooperation.

The Ministry has two main objectives:

1. Development of cultural and artistic creativity and production and public communication

2. Protected and Preserved Cultural Heritage