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12 Apr 2018

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

The Ministry of Culture is the central State administrative body for:

  • the arts;
  • cultural and educational activities;
  • cultural monuments;
  • matters relating to churches and religious societies;
  • matters relating to the press, including publication of the non-periodical press and other information means;
  • the preparation of draft laws and other legal regulations in the area of radio and television broadcasting;
  • implementation of the Copyright Act;
  • production and trade in the area of culture.

The Czech Republic wants to become a cultural crossroad, it wants to utilise its natural position in a free, open and creative way in the creation of its own culture, in the preservation of cultural heritage and its application in every realm of social life.

The task of the state is to create optimal relations between culture and other realms of life of society and therefore enrich the lives of citizens, develop creative opportunities in the economy, research and education, motivate donors as well as provide sufficient resources to strengthen the competitiveness of the state in a global environment.