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05 Jul 2011

Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic is the central body of state administration of the Slovak Republic for national language, preservation of monumental funds, national heritage and library science, art, copyright and copyright laws, extension service and folk artistic production, support of cultural innovation for ethnic minorities, presentation of the Slovak culture and arts abroad, relations with churches and religious societies, media and audiovisual.

The Directorate General of International Co-operation in accordance with competences of the Ministry is responsible for performing tasks in the field of bilateral and multilateral co-operation and European affairs as well as for presenting culture abroad. The Directorate General performs systematic and co-ordination activities in relation to substantive sections of the Ministry by overseeing the implementation of state cultural policy in relation to foreign countries and by presenting Slovak culture abroad.

The Ministry also evaluates the carrying out of government policy statement, resolutions of government and other bodies and it prepares analyses and viewpoints in the field of international relations. 

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