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12 Jun 2011

Mindanao Film Festival

Organized by Mindanao Film & Television Development Foundation, the Mindanao Film Festival is Mindanao’s most recognized and most anticipated annual filmmaking event.
The Mindanao Film Festival is an initiative to promote films made by Mindanawon filmmakers and films about, related to, or shot in Mindanao to the local audiences in and around the island. The festival aims to popularize the art of independent filmmaking as an essential medium of cultural and artistic expression. The festival also aims to discover, encourage and nurture young local talents to tell the rich heritage and untold stories of the island and its people.
Highlights of this year’s festival include the highly regarded Guerrilla Filmmaking Workshop, Guerrilla Filmmaking Competition, the 7‐day Theatrical Screening (Competition Films, International & Local Exhibition Films), the Mindanao Film Convention, Exhibits, and the always‐festive Awards Night.