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07 Aug 2011

Liechtenstein Museum

The Liechtenstein Museum is a modern cultural enterprise with a collaborative management style. It exists to provide public access to the Princely Family’s unique art treasures, to care for them, and to preserve them for the enjoyment of future generations. It adopts an innovative approach to art research, appreciation and education.

The Liechtenstein Museum and the Princely Collections bear witness to the centuries-old tradition of art collection and patronage of the Princes of Liechtenstein. The Liechtenstein Museum contains one of the world’s most important private collections in terms of artistic quality and variety, and its holdings are constantly being added to by further acquisitions. The return of these art treasures to the historical setting of a residence of the Princely Family, and the manner in which they are exhibited provides an authentic picture of the history of the House of Liechtenstein, and the ways in which it has viewed art and itself.

The collections of the Prince von und zu Liechtenstein contain major works of European art spanning 5 centuries and are among the most important private collections in the world. Dating back to the 17th century, they are rooted in the Baroque ideal of princely patronage of the arts. For generations, the House of Liechtenstein has consistently nurtured this ideal, systematically adding to the collection's holdings according to an active acquisitions policy which continues to this day. This allows existing focal areas of the collection to be extended and enhanced through the acquisition of artworks of the highest quality, thus ensuring the enduring attraction of the Liechtenstein Museum as a showcase for the Princely Collections.