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10 Jan 2017 - 31 May 2017

Exhibition: "Viet Nam National Treasures"

Between January and May 2017, the Viet Nam National Museum of History, in Hanoi, presents an exhibition entitled "Viet Nam National Treasures". 18 significant objects that were recognised as 'national treasures' between 2012 and 2016 are presented together for the first time in this special exhibition. This is the largest collection of national treasures amongst museums in Viet Nam, dating from the 7th century BC to the 20th century AD. They are on permanent exhibition and outdoor spaces of the Museum and often tour for domestic and overseas travelling exhibitions. These national treasures are significant for a variety of reasons: the ancient Ngoc Lu and Hoang Ha bronze drums are unique for their form and design; the Dao Thinh bronze jar shows early fertility images (the drums and jar belong to the Dong Son culture) in the North; the Vo Canh stele (Champa culture) demonstrates early evidence of Buddhism entering Viet Nam in the Centre; the Van Ban bell (Tran dynasty 13th  - 14th  century) provides evidence of Buddhism; Ho Chi Minh’s ‘Prison Diary’ reveals his author’s great strength of character. Each treasure expresses an interesting and meaningful story, containing the important message about the daily life as well as the process of national development and struggles for independence of the Vietnamese people. Presented in a modern exhibition setting, these treasures with their value and meaning will provide audiences with better knowledge of Vietnamese history and also the cultural diversity of Viet Nam. For additional information on the exhibition "Viet Nam National Treasures", please visit    
Pictured above: Golden seal “Sắc mệnh chi bảo” (Nguyen dynasty, 8th year of Minh Menh reign, 1827); and Ngoc Lu Drum (bronze, DongSon culture, c. 3rd-2nd century BC)