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19 Feb 2019

Bergen Kunsthall

Bergen Kunsthall is a centre for contemporary art in Bergen, Norway, and presents exhibitions and events by international artists. The cultural venue organises a broad range of learning activities and debates that are open to everyone. 

Established initially as Bergens Kunstforening in 1838, the Kunsthall is based in an early functionalist building designed by the architect Ole Landmark in 1935, with gallery spaces, a café and a bookshop. Bergen Kunsthall is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the City of Bergen and Vestland county.

Bergen Kunsthall houses a continually changing series of exhibitions – both large solo exhibitions and extensive group exhibitions. Bergen Kunsthall works both nationally and internationally with its main exhibitions and collaborates with a large number of international artists, institutions and galleries. Many of Bergen Kunsthall’s exhibitions are also shown outside Norway through loans to other exhibitors.