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19 Feb 2019

USF Verftet

USF is the major co-location and cluster for art, film and music and creative enterprises in Bergen and Norway

USF Verftet is a former sardine factory building accommodating five venues for presentation of music, theatre, films and contemporary art, and several artist studios and offices. USF also host the artist residency programme AiR Bergen.

The United Sardine Factory (USF) is located at the Georgernes Verft in Bergen. This old factory was once the largest cannery in Norway. Now, USF is a multiple cultural arena, unique in size and variety. Arts and culture are produced, organised and presented in several forms and genres.

USF Verftet is run by the Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF foundation, supported by Bergen kommune (Bergen council) and private funding. Spread out on 12 000 sqm, about 200 people operate within the areas of art, crafts, music, dance, dramatic art, design and architecture, literature and film. Moreover, one find rehearsal studios for music and dance, and the regional writing academy. Several cultural organisations and companies involved with the cultural and creative industry are located in the building.