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03 Sep 2010

Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux

The Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux is a cultural institute based in Brussels. Founded in 1993, the institute has scope for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The Institute for the Benelux is one of 17 Finnish cultural and scientific institutes. It is an independent public interest organization funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture as well as by a large number of foundations and other public and private funds.

The current director Sirpa Hietanen has served since 2010. In recent years, the institute has focused on long-term projects as well as creating individual relationship networks. The Finnish Institute for Benelux does not organize cultural events within its walls but works in partnership with local professionals in the cultural sphere for the development of events in the three countries of its jurisdiction.

In 2014, the Foundation for the Finnish Institute for Benelux has chosen Aleksi Malmberg as the new director of the institute.

The Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux plays an intermediary role between Finnish cultural players and the three countries where it aims to intervene. The institute is an expert organization whose mission is to provide information and encourage contacts in the cultural field taken in the broadest sense. The institute offers artists and cultural organizations with opportunities to enter into dialogue, to give rise to new projects and develop joint work opportunities, its objective being to develop a sustainable, long-term cooperation between artists Finland and the Benelux countries and other culture professionals from the countries concerned.

The Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux has taken action covering the whole of cultural life. Its areas of expertise include for example the visual arts, performing arts, literature, design and film.

The Institute works in partnership with among others the embassies of Finland based in countries within its jurisdiction and is part of the EUNIC network being attached to the Dutch and Belgian branch of this organization. The administration The Institute is run by the Foundation of the Finnish Institute for Benelux whose headquarters is located in Helsinki.