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07 Sep 2010

Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Adam Mickiewicz Institute is a state cultural institution whose task is to promote Polish culture around the world and actively participate in international cultural exchange. It presents both the heritage and contemporary achievements of Polish culture.

VISION: Poland as the creative hotbed of Europe.

MISSION: To demonstrate Poland's role as an indispensable link in the international circulation of ideas, values and cultural goods of the highest order.

GOAL: The main goal of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute is to increase the value of Poland's brand as a cultural asset and boosting Poland's effectivness and efficiency in the area of culture.

The scope of Adam Mickiewicz Institute's normal activity includes primarily the following tasks:

  • the promotion of Polish culture and active participation in cultural events around the world,

  • the creation and updating of an integrated database of information about Polish culture, as well as dissemination of this information in the Internet, both in Polish and foreign languages,

  • the creation and gathering of various information and promotional materials (multi-lingual publications, illustrations, recordings, films, literary programmes, exhibition projects etc.) distribution of these materials avialable to interested individuals and institutions, especially the Polish Institutes and Polish cultural posts abroad,

  • preparation of necessary materials and information regarding Poland and Polish culture for the needs of foreign opinion leaders in various areas of culture, scholars and specialists in diverse fields of knowledge, academics and artistic activity,

  • organization of study visits for international art curators and guests of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In the years 2001-2010, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute realised promotional projects in 26 countries, among them Great Britain, Russia, Israel, Benelux countries, Spain, Austria, Sweden, France, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, Algeria, Morocco, India and China. As part of these projects IAM organized over 3,000 cultural events which gathered an audience of 18,000,000 people on three continents.