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18 May 2011

European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) was founded in Geneva in 1954 upon the belief that culture is a vital ingredient for Europe’s post-war rebuilding and healing. ECF strives for an open, democratic and inclusive Europe within which culture is a valued and key contributor.

Over the past four years, ECF set out to uncover new Narratives for Europe at a moment when the prevailing narratives seemed to have lost their resonance. Informed by research and reflection, this effort led to its new thematic focus for 2013-2016 ­– Culture, Creative Communities and Democracy.

ECF's work continues to initiate and support cultural exchange and creative expression across wider Europe, to share knowledge across the cultural sector, and to campaign for the arts at all levels of political decision-making. By identifying, connecting, nourishing and illuminating a network of local cultural change-makers, ECF fosters the growth of new visions of Europe that are the result of bottom-up action and creativity.

ECF partners with organisations to advocate for change. ECF is involved with campaigns to promote culture across Europe – including the New Pact for Europe, the Voor Europa Door Cultuur manifesto and the Preparatory Action on Culture in EU External Relations project.

ECF's grants support artistic and cultural expression across wider Europe. Our Step Beyond Travel Grant scheme is currently accepting applications.

Annually ECF also launches an open call for cultural change-makers to attend an Idea Camp where they address innovative ideas on European issues. Attendees are eligible for R&D grants to further their ideas.

ECF labs is an online community focusing on arts and culture, where you can share views, projects, news and create your own labs focusing on topics you care about.

ECF is celebrating its 60th anniversary with events including the State of Europe debates at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, the New Pact for Europe advocacy debate, the ECF Princess Margriet Award, Reframe, a comics exhibition, the live cinema performance €urovisions and 100% Amsterdam.

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