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26 Oct 2011

Dancing the Malaysian | new book out


"The dance scene in Malaysia right now is actually quite active, and yet we are slow and weak in documentation, in writing about our dance. This book, Dancing the Malaysian is important and exciting because it is this rare voice of an active dancer/choreographer/educator—the voice of one who is frenetically involved in the field, but has taken time to step back, reflect, write and publish. It is a potent document that delves deep into how dance is engaging with the slippery meanings of identity and nation." - Marion D’Cruz, Dancer/Choreographer/Producer/Educator/Arts Activist

"A first in Malaysia, this book investigates interculturalism from the point of view of a dance practitioner-academician whose interest in pursuing multicultural expressions in a multiracial country stems from the experience of living in a society that has assented to the duality of prescribed national cultural policy versus real artistic practices. This engaged writing opens new trajectories in intercultural studies within the domains of contemporary dance in Malaysia, and is a must read for dance and cultural studies readers."
Mohd Anis Md Nor, Professor of Ethnochoreology and Ethnomusicology, Cultural Centre (School of Performing Arts), Universiti Malaya

"This is an inspiring analysis of the possible national futures being imagined by the discourse of dance in Malaysia. Balancing shrewd personal perspective with meticulous observation and long-term familiarity with the nation’s dance scene, Joseph Gonzales makes clear how art can create a body politic in its image." - Bilqis Hijjas, President MyDance Alliance

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Joseph Gonzales: Dancing The Malaysian
Publisher: Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD) 2011, 248 Pages
ISBN: 9789675832345 (Paperback), 9789675832352 (Hardcover)
Price: RM 65,-/USD 26,- (Taschenbuch), RM 120,-/USD 49,- (Hardcover)

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