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06 Sep 2010

Dance Info Finland

Dance Info Finland is charged with promoting the development of Finnish dance art and improving its status and operating conditions in society. In the course of this work it acts as a broad-based expert organisation whose activities include service and advisory work; reporting, publication and promotional activities; research, education and development projects; and making a political impact.  Dance Info Finland’s aims are furthered by means of both domestic and internationally oriented work.

  • Service and advisory work

The main services on the Finnish web site are a performance calendar, different kinds of link lists, and the What’s New section and its three sub-sections (two in English): News, Bulletin Board, and Dance Info Now. Dance Info Finland also disseminates information through its newsletters, both domestically and internationally.

  • Publications and promotion

Dance Info Finland publishes the Finnish-language Tanssi magazine five times a year. Dance Info Finland also publishes the English-language Finnish Dance in Focus magazine once a year.  Apart from these two regular publications, it also annually produces other promotional material about Finnish dance art.

  • Research and development work

Dance Info Finland strives to increase information and research regarding activities in the dance field, both through its own endeavours and by promoting other research, reporting and development projects. Its core activities are collecting, analysing and publishing statistical information on its web site, and the maintenance and development of the Tanka database.

  • Audience work

Dance Info Finland’s audience work is mainly executed through its web pages, particularly the Can creeping be dance? guide to watching dance art that was launched in autumn 2007.  The other main part of its audience work is International Dance Day.

  • Education

Dance Info Finland's own educational work concentrates on training small groups, in which pedagogical targets and the teacher’s professional skills and expertise can be best addressed. Education is offered according to available resources.

  • Networks

Dance Info Finland is a member of IETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, ENICPA - The European Network for Information Centres of the Performing Arts, and NOFOD – Nordic Forum for Dance Research. It is also an active member of the North European Dance Meeting network and of Art Networks. It also participates in cultural export support network activities.

  • Influencing society

Dance Info Finland's tasks and activities, along with its role as an expert organisation, are crystallised in the work it does to make a political impact. Dance Info Finland actively strives to increase the level of public support for dance and cooperates with other organisations in the dance field in taking a stand on culture politics issues that relate to dance art.

  • Organisation and administration

Dance Info Finland has ten member organisations which represent different dance genres, from contemporary and ballet to folk and ballroom dancing.

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