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08 May 2011

Audiovisuaalisen Kulttuurin Edistämiskeskus (AVEK) (The Promotion Centre For Audiovisual Culture)

AVEK (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture) was established in 1987 by the Finnish copyright organization Kopiosto. It uses its share of copyright remuneration to promote audiovisual culture: cinema, video and television. The majority of the funds that AVEK distributes originate from private copying levy, eg. from blank video cassettes and blank DVDs.

The function of AVEK is to promote a wide range of projects in the field of audiovisual culture. AVEK funds short films and documentaries, videos, media art as well as experimental work. These productions may be intended for television, video distribution or some other form of audiovisual presentation or distribution. Special attention is paid to subject matter, theme and narration, and the overall expressive impact of the project.

AVEK's support falls into three categories

1. Production Support

AVEK´s production section is divided into two categories: 1. short films and documentaries, and 2. media art. Within each category, it is possible to apply for funding for script writing (individual playwrights only), preproduction, production, post-production and distribution (production companies).

2. Training Grants

AVEK subsidizes further training of professionals working in the audiovisual field. The subsidies in this category take the form of either personal grants to specified individuals or subsidized training sessions or courses for professionals. Small grants are also awarded for research in the audiovisual sector.

3. Support for Festivals and Other Audiovisual Culture

AVEK also contributes to audiovisual culture in general. Primarily, AVEK subsidizes film festivals and audiovisual festivals arranged in Finland.

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