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07 Jun 2011

The Swedish Film Institute

The Swedish Film Institute aims include the promotion, support and development of film in its cultural and broader contexts, the allocation of grants for the production, distribution and public showing of Swedish films at home, and the promotion for Swedish cinema at international level. The Institute is also extensively involved in the preservation and promotion of Sweden's cinematic heritage.

Together with Swedish Television (SVT), the Film Institute provided extra resources for the production of short narrative films, giving new directors and producers the chance to show off their skills under professional conditions. The initiative attracted considerable interest, culminating with the screenings at the 2002 Gothenburg Film Festival. The documentary and short narrative film initiatives are both set to continue during the forthcoming financial year.

Production subsidies during the year (2001)
The majority of subsidy funding provided by the Film Institute is distributed by consultants who are appointed for a limited period.

The Film Agreement requires that 67% of subsidy funds should be allocated to feature films, 10% to films for children, 10 to short and documentary films, and 7% to development, which includes training subsidies and subsidies to independent producers.

Of the 85 projects awarded advance allocations, 25 are directed by women and 35 have female producers.