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14 May 2011

FFA Filmförderungsanstalt German Federal Film Board

The FFA has an annual budget of around € 76 million at its disposal. Funding area:

1.       Production Funding

There are two categories; full length feature film and short film. Under full length feature films, the funding is granted for films with a running time of at least 79 minutes and for children's films of at least 59 minutes.

2.       Script Funding

3.       Distribution Funding

4.       Exhibition (Cinema) Funding

5.       Video Funding

6.       Funding of vocational training for film professions

7.       Funding of measures to promote research, rationalisation and innovation

8.       Financing of promotional measures for the German cinema at home and abroad

Apart from the above-mentioned categories of funding, the FFA also handles the film promotion of the film projects supported by the State Minister for Culture and Media (BKM). Moreover, the FFA is in charge of the German funding activities for the European Cinema Support Fund Eurimages and provides the German representation on the Eurimages Board of Management. The FFA has been handling the administration of the German-French Funding Agreement since 2001.

As a shareholder of the German Films Service + Marketing GmbH and the Vision Kino gGmbH the FFA is involved to a considerable degree in the financing of these institutions and their activities.

The FFA has been responsible for running the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) since January 1, 2007. Initiated by the Federal Government, the funding model will be supporting the German cinema film until 2012 with annual subsidies of 60 million Euros.