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26 May 2011

The Dutch Film Fund

The Dutch Film Fund receives grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science based on the Arts Plan Budget.

The Dutch Film Fund has two main aims:

1)  To encourage film production in the Netherlands, focussing on quality and diversity;

2)  To engender a good climate for Dutch film culture.

In order to achieve this, the Fund supports film-makers financially in developing, realising and distributing films. The Fund is involved with the making of full-length features, documentary, experimental, short and animation films. In addition, the Fund has a budget for special activities in the field of film.

The Fund only provides financial contributions for a film project to producers based in The Netherlands. This refers to statutory entities. Individual directors and authors are not able to apply for grants in principle.

An exception is formed by film-makers in the Research & Development category. Directors and authors of projects can apply for these, as well as producers. Directors and scriptwriters can also submit ideas for commercial feature films to the Commissioner, as well as producers.

Organisations in the field of film, as well as individual film-makers, can also ask for a financial contribution from the Fund for activities such as courses, workshops, publications and exhibitions.

Summary of the Dutch Film Fund (English)