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06 Apr 2011

Slovenian Film Centre

Slovenian Film Centre, a public agency of the Republic of Slovenia, became operational on 19 January 2011 as a successor of the Slovenian Film Fund – a public fund. The goal of the Slovenian Film Centre is to encourage creativity in the film and audiovisual field in the Republic of Slovenia by creating suitable conditions for film, audiovisual and cinematographic activities.

Slovenian Film Center implements its business and programme policy by opening and carrying out the annual public competitions for the financing of the development and production of full length live action, documentary and animated films, as well as the production of short films. It  also co‑finances international co‑productions with Slovenian minority co‑producers.

Apart from film production, the Film Centre also supports the distribution and promotion of the national film programme and film festivals. It is responsible for the cultural presentation and promotion of Slovenian films abroad.  It is a member of Eurimages, Media programme and the European Film Promotion (EFP).