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12 Aug 2020

Artimbanco School of Theatre

Artimbanco is a school of theatre and cultural association, established in 1995. It is located in Tuscany, Italy, on the etruscan coast, creating performances in public spaces and theatres.

It is a permanent School of Theatre for actors, non professionals, students, young artists, children, adults. As a social organisation, Artimbanco focuses on projects of social theatre dedicated to teenagers and people in disadvantaged conditions. As an educational organisation, it carries on workshops and theatre stages in public schools from primary to high school.

Artimbanco founded several theatre groups producing performances, unconventional theatre, story telling, theatre and science, video production, classical theatre, reading, theatre for children, art comedy, performance and so on. They organise theatre events, festival, forum, meeting on arts, performing arts and art-therapy.

As regards to its international dimension, Artimbanco has a long tradition in European and international cultural projects. It has partnered several organisations working on cooperation projects, mobility of young artists, Erasmus Plus, Creative Europe and many other programmes.

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