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28 Nov 2016

Ion Creangă Theatre for Children

Ion Creangă Theatre for Children produces and promotes performances of high artistic standard, and coordinates and implements research programmes, educational, social and cultural projects aimed at children between the ages of 0 and 12 years, at teachers, trainers, parents and legal guardians.

By addressing the most participatory, generous and sincere audience (children), Ion Creangă Theatre is also a platform of development, through the means of art, of the aesthetic sensitivity, of creative thinking and of the critical faculties, for children of very young ages. Some children have their first experience as theatergoers at Ion Creangă Theatre, so it is crucial that this experience should be an extremely powerful and authentic artistic one, which should light up their fantasy, develop their visual and sensory perceptions and that should shape their taste for art.

As a public performing arts company, Ion Creangă Theatre is loyal to its mission to be, through its projects and programmes, a promoter of the national artistic potential, to make the most of the cultural heritage, to stimulate new, original productions, to promote young and to encourage fresh and provocative approaches in theatre for children.