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09 Jun 2015

The Little Art

The Little Art is a non-profit arts education organization that uses the medium of art to promote social values among children and young adults in Pakistan.

It is determined, through numerous artistic avenues, media in particular, to promote the principals and ideals of democracy, equality, civil rights, community, prosperity, higher education, religious and cultural tolerance and sustaining cultural heritage. Children and young adults are our audience.

It develops innovative arts education projects to engage children and young adults in alternative education and learning opportunities. It works with schools, universities, organizations, media houses and networks who share the same values.

It produces the Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, Children’s Performing Arts Festival, National Child Rights Arts Festival and ArtBeat – National Child Art Exhibitions annually.


To establish the arts in Pakistan as major facilitator of learning for children and young adults from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds


To empower children and young adults through large-scale innovative arts festivals and creative education programs that help them realize and achieve their dreams. We also foster committed participation of adults, teachers and parents to build culture of learning through the arts in Pakistan.