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02 Oct 2018

Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops

The longest-running photography event in Southeast Asia, the Angkor Photo Festival & Workshop, aims to nurture Asia’s photographic community by providing an affordable, accessible and self-sustainable platform for professional development and education.

Besides providing the space for the continued growth of a vibrant and dynamic photographic community in Asia, we also seek to encourage the ongoing development of Asian perspectives to the medium and language of photography.

Our programming objectives are to focus on professional development and education for Asian photographers, prioritize professionals and work from Asia and to produce a space for fostering collaboration and exchange. In addition, our key long-term objective is to create a self-sustaining model which is led by members of the Asian photographic community.

We believe and adhere to the following values: 

  • To be non-commercial, affordable and accessible to all
  • To be open to all forms of photography, with an autonomous approach to fostering photography as a language
  • To maintain a horizontal organizational structure and an emphasis on a collective
  • To be socially responsible actors in the community of Siem Reap