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12 Jun 2018

Skövde Art Museum - Sweden | residency call for Yangon-based artists


The International Residency Program at Skövde Art Museum in west Sweden has an open call this year for artists living and working in Yangon, Myanmar. Based on dialogue between the artist and society, where the museum is an integral part, the Skövde AiRS programme offers one residency to an artist from a designated country/region. For 2019 residency, 6-8 artists in Yangon will be selected for studio visits by the AiRS team visiting Myanmar before the final decision is made. Some of the studio visits in previous years have led to other project engagements with artists.

Apply here Please read the following text before applying.  

Application deadline:  June 12 2018

Yangoon based artist are invited to apply for AiRS 2019 exploring the boundaries in and between different societies, locally and/or internationally. Suggested themes are, but not limited to; migration, democracy, voice, ownership etc. AiRS encourage work with attempt to claim or take a critical stance to concept of the commons/ public/semi public spaces. AiRS welcomes one artist to work for eight weeks in Skövde (West Sweden Region).

AiRS - The International Residency Program at Skovde Art Museum is based on dialogue between the artist and society, where the museum is an integral part. We welcome, up on region specific calls, artists to the residency that sees art as a communicative practice. It is a residency for artists working with participatory, engaged, and critical practices.

We offer

- International travel to and from the residency (economy class)
- 8 weeks accommodation and studio 50 m2 (wifi, laundry, bathroom, kitchen, desk, work chair)
- Personal grant of 25000 SEK
- Access to network of local artists
- AiRS encourage and assist in facilitating community engagement
- Curatorial dialogue
- Public transportation card
- Bicycle
- Swedish sim card
- Limited production budget (must be billed to, and pre approved by the art museum)
- Up on availability access to projector, speakers, wifi etc

Eligible Artists

- To be eligible for a residency, the applicant must be a professional artist working/living in Yangoon region.
- Submit online application: a) personal details & CV, b) portfolio, c) proposal) .
- Showcase participatory, engaged, or critical practice, including but not limited to temporal practices, site specific work, performance, lens-/audiobased projects, community engagement etc
- Develop a committed proposal of what to
- Willing to be in dialogue with AiRS team and elaborate on work/approaches to discover obtainability of the individual proposal submitted with the application. Ie proposal is where you tell us how you intend to work with your suggested themes/project during your stay in Skovde. What is it that you would like to develop or research etc.
- Working level of English (or Swedish) is required (translator is not facilitated).
- Artists willing to make two public presentations as well as participate in a workshop together with local artists. (Disclaimer 1-2 positions might open for late submission upon invitation from AiRS team)


- AiRS is a international art residency program at Skövde art museum and is awarded to one artist per year.
- Airs was founded in 2014 and is made possible on a grant from West Sweden Region.
- AiRS is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression.
- AiRS is a gateway for international connection for Skövde art museum.

Application and review process

AiRS believe in extending the online application to also entail a dialogue in person. As part of this engagement the curator and museum director will do approximately 10 studiovisits in  Yangoon prior to the final selection of one artist for AiRS 2018.

A studiovisit is a point where the artist can present ideas, visions, critical stance as well as ask about the program. We believe this process contributes to obtain a high-level artist residency with focus on evolving the artist practice and select topic.

Please review Eligible Artists above prior to starting your application!!!

- Step 1: Online application (No process fee)
Aplication deadline: June 12 2018: See application link at the top of this page.
AiRS team reviews online application and selects 6-8 artists for Studiovisits in Yangoon. (ongoing process). The selected artists will be contacted June to August and is promoted to set up studio visits.

- Step 2: Studiovisits (November - date to be decided)
AiRS team makes studio visits and selects the artist for the residency (selection to be announced November 2018)
Please prepare a 60 minute studio visit or portfolio review

- Step 3: Reconnect (AiRS and artists/curators in Yangoon)
AiRS is part of Skövde Art Museum, some of our AiRS studio visits have resulted in other
engagements. Even if you are not selected for our residency program we are interested in your specific work. This is why we have set up a "Reconnect" opportunity. At this point we will make public who is the AiRS 2019 artist.

- Step 4: Meeting with selected artist
AiRS team and artist meet for 3 hours in Yangoon to discuss details in regards to residency and proposed project.

The studio/apartment is located on the second floor of a newly renovated building from 1862, located in a courtyard across from the museum. Next door is an analog graphic print studio, gallery and art school. The museum is in the same building as the public library, cinema and restaurant/bar/café. All in the very center of the city. Skövde is a rural town of around 34,000 population in south west Sweden.