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31 Oct 2011

Sapporo Artist in Residence 2012 | call


Sapporo Artist in Residence is currently seeking foreign applicants for a one-month residency opportunity. As part of the FRONTIER programme, which runs over 2 periods of autumn and winter, S-AIR offers a new residency aimed at curators and researchers who are interested in researching or producing for the Snowscape Moere winter event. The objective of the programme is to initiate dialogue and present proposals for an art festival which takes place under winter conditions.

Term of the Residency (Autumn Period)
15 Jan -15 Feb 2012 (60 day programme, Dates are negotiable)

S-AIR will support one curator in residence for one month from 15 January to 15 February 2012.
The support includes:
- Travel costs (up to 170,000 yen)
- Research Fee (up to 100,000 yen)
- Daily allowance (3,500 yen)
- Accommodation: a rented single room
- Free mobile phone rental (credits must be covered by the participant) and free mobile wifi access
- Utility bills (water, gas and electricity)
- Work studio at ICC ( www.icc-jp.com/en/ ) with internet access
- PCs: It is highly recommended that you bring your own laptop

Applicants cannot be of Japanese nationality nor reside in Japan. The successful candidate must have the desire and ability to communicate and interact with local citizens in English or in Japanese.

Travel Arrangements, Visas and Insurances
The successful candidate is responsable for their own travel arrangements, visas and insurance. For information on Japanese visas, visit the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Download application pack and guidelines

 Source: S-AIR