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09 Dec 2013

Japan | S-AIR residency in Sapporo


S-AIR is offering one place to an artist working in visual arts for a residency opportunity in Sapporo, Japan, as part of its FRONTIER project.  The successful candidate will be expected to produce new works and will be encouraged to experiment in their own field. A collaborative work or project within the community is desirable.

S-AIR will provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to learn about Japan, communicate with Japanese artists and local community, and to establish networks and dialogues between local and international artists.

The artist will be asked to give either a lecture or a workshop as well as to have an exhibition or presentation during the residency as a result of the residency, this may be a solo show or a group show.

The successful candidate will also be required to provide reports of their residency to S-AIR at the end of their residency and to seek opportunities to share their experience on their return to home country (or elsewhere outside Japan)– this could mean an exhibition, a series of presentations or artists talks, or publication of articles, which have to be reported to S-AIR.  S-AIR has to date hosted 77 participants from 32 countries and regions over the period of 12 years (until March 2013).

Term of the Residency: 75 day residency between 8th January – 31st March 2014 to be arranged with S-AIR (Exhibition period: End of February – Beginning of March)

Areas of Practice: All kinds of discipline within the context of visual art

Our support includes:
- Travel costs (up to 170,000 yen)
- Material Fees (up to 100,000 yen)
- Daily allowance (3,500 yen)
- Accommodation: a rented single room with internet connection (Please bring your own laptop as no computer will be provided)
- Free pay-as-you-go mobile phone rental (call credits are not included)
- Utility bills (water, gas and electricity)
[Note] Studio will not be supplied for this opportunity. The successful candidate will be asked to use their apartment as their main working space.

• Eligibility
Applicants must neither hold Japanese nationality nor reside in Japan, and are able to exercise a degree of autonomy and self-reliance. The successful candidate must have desire and ability to communicate and interact with local citizens in English or in Japanese.

Deadline: Monday 9th December 2013 at 10am (JST)

See website for the guidelines of how to apply

Image: Silvestru Munteanu residency S-AIR in 2011 | featured in Otaku magazine