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31 Dec 2014

Romania | Inside Zone artists residency in Transylvania


Inside Zone artist residency takes place in Borsec in the beautiful Transylvania province of Romania. Artists and writers worldwide are invited to come and work  individually or as a group. Applications are open for the Spring 2015 collective residency which connects with the International Poetry and Arts Festival Inside Zone. Individual residencies at other times of year can also be accommodated.

Inside Zone artist residency is a non-permanent twice a year creation place in upper-town of Borsec, Romania, open for worldwide artists and writers to come and work  individually or as a group on a project related with the area or just with what inspiration and ideas they get from around. Borsec town, Carpathian mountains and Transylvania province has a long history and cultural background that still continues to inspire new generation of artists. This is the purpose of this short-term residency: to be a bridge between the past, the local tradition and the new culture and art of 21 century.

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Spring 2015 collective residency is between May 4 to 17. Additional to the residency, The International Poetry and Arts Festival Inside Zone will take place from May 15 to 17. If they wish, the participating artists of residency may also join the festival with their readings, performances, exhibitions etc. especially if their work is related with Borsec. See information for the 2014 festival

Any artist or writer can apply for residency sending by email a CV (one-two page) and work samples (5 to 10 pages, visual images  etc.). If the work is online they may send links, too.

There is no deadline the selection process is ongoing

(Please note: the deadline posted for this content is only indicative).

You will receive an answer in 7 days. There are up to 12 available places.  Mimimum stay is one week. You may choose to come on the second week also. Artists that wish to stay longer may arranged after their arrival. Individual residencies on other month of year can be arranged any time. See Application page.

No more than 12 residents can be accommodated at the same time. The house has six large double rooms. The rooms are fully furnished, clean, with balconies. Accommodation is 10 euro/night. The mansion is in a quiet and old trees area. It has permanent hot water, fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, a large courtyard with two confortable sitting places and open fire seat. Single rooms can be available at request.

Borsec is a mineral springs spa resort in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania. Since 1806 it produces 'Borsec, Queen of Mineral Waters', the first bottled mineral water in Europe.