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06 Oct 2012 - 02 Dec 2012

Japan | 'Mixed Bathing World' | Beppu Contemporary Art Festival


"Mixed Bathing World 2012” is an international contemporary art triennale in Beppu (south of Japan), a famous natural place known for its hot springs. It focuses on eight projects in the fields of visual arts and dance. The event features artists from Japan, India, China and the UK  and runs 6 October till 2 December 2012. Eight geothermal hot spots, eight projects bubbling up here and there throughout the city inspire the notion of eight wellsprings of imagination. Beppu's hot springs are known to have the second greatest volume of water of any hot-spring in the world. From October to December the city is the place to be to enjoy this amazing natural resource and experience the Beppu contemporary art festival 2012 Mixed Bathing World. Concept Hot water pours from the earth and collects in hollows. These pools belong to no one. People cherish them and take an active part in their protection and management. Locals, travelers, men and women alike take off their clothes and relax in the warm water, sharing a moment of their lives unarmed, naked, and without regard to nationality or religion. Within time, though, the water becomes too hot and no one can remain still. Newcomers take the place of old, and each one goes their separate way. Inevitably, people will leave this site, and come back again – a gradual cycle is formed. Check out the contemporary art events and projects as they develop in and around Beppu over the two months:
  •  resurrecting vacant old houses and commercial zones
  • freeform performing arts zone in renovated strip club
  • otherworldly transformation of the city by ringing of 100 banners with bells
  • large bamboo sculptures incorporating steam rising from hot springs
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