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20 Mar 2022

Romania | bioAREALab residency for European choreographers and musicians

bioAREALab residency for European choreographers and musicians

bioAREALab Romania - call for choreographers, musicians and composers from Germany and other EU countries - apply for artistic research residency in Bucharest 17-28 August 2022

The theme for the interdisciplinary residency is the connection between sound, body and the natural environment, and how movement and soundscapes can influence each other. Over the 10 days, the four (4) selected participants will work together with local choreographers Cristina Lilenfeld and Cosmin Manolescu, as well as composer Sabina Ulubeanu. Meetings will be held in the studio, in a natural environment and around the city of Bucharest, where the artists can gather sounds, images and inspiration.

The residency, which will take place in the studio of AREAL (a space for choreographic development) and different natural sites around Bucharest, will include daily rehearsals and talks, field trips in nature/urban environments, evening workshops and improvisations, and performances for and with local audience. The residency will conclude with a hybrid live/online round table event and an informal sharing process open to the audience.

For the residency bioAREALab is looking for artists willing to get out their comfort zone to explore new means of expression through the dialogue between choreography and contemporary music, as well as with a desire to share their knowledge with other participants.

Participating artists will receive a fee, per diem and free accommodation in rented apartments (each artist will have their own room). The costs of travel to Bucharest and health insurance will be the responsibility of participants. 

Application process

The application needs to include:

  • A letter of intention 
  • Two photos (one portrait and one artistic)
  • Video or sound links of the artist’s work 
  • A portfolio

The second edition of the bioAREALab will take place in spring 2023 in Timișoara, Romania. For more information please contact Cristina at lilienfeldcristina@gmail.com or Cosmin at cosmin@arealcolectiv.ro.

Deadline: 20 March 2022

bioAREALab is an international lab that aims to develop stronger connections between choreographers, composers and musicians in a studio and natural environment, focusing on processes rather than outputs. The project is co-organised by AREAL | space for choreographic development in partnership with Goethe Institut Bucharest and other local partners. The Lab is part of AREAL | space for cultural development, a cultural programme co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.