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10 Jul 2010

Jobs at the Asia-Europe Foundation

ASEF’s Cultural Exchange Department seeks to engage a project officer for immediate start.

ASEF’s Cultural Exchange Department undertakes innovative programmes in cultural cooperation, sustaining various mechanisms for dialogue, the exchange of ideas, as well as sharing of information and best practices in the field of arts and culture. Programmes in this area allow peers from diverse backgrounds to explore creativity, art and artistic practices in different contexts, such as using the internet as a tool for co-operation and   participating in workshops, seminars and conferences.

The project officer will report to the Director and the Assistant Director of the Cultural Exchange Department and assist the project team in selected projects. He/She should have a good understanding and demonstrable professional experience in the related working areas of the Cultural Exchange Department. He/She will be actively working on the development of specific projects, acquire a better knowledge of Asia-Europe international relations & cultural exchange and get the opportunity to contribute his/her knowledge and past experience to the assigned projects.

For further details about this position please refer to the “Careers” section of ASEF website