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31 Aug 2012

India | Green World Art and Culture Festival 2012 | open call


Call to artists worldwide to participate in the Green World Art & Culture Festival in Odisha, India, November 2012 - an incubator for art and ideas, artistic exchange and dialogue in the visual arts. Residency and participation opportunities.

The Green World Art & Culture Festival (GWAF) –Odisha is a world initiative led by a Group of Artists and has become an auspicious space for artists across the world that nurtures creativity and imaginative art practice. The Festival has been the destination for performing artist around the world for being open and welcoming to artists and has been a venue for participation, exchange, discourse, dialog, debate and a space that is an incubator for contemporary art experimentation that focuses on the process. The Festival has actively been a host for alternative art practices, from the city of Bhubaneswar along the Culture villages and Green luster of the Rural Odisha.

GWAF is a Artists initiative led by  Jeetin Rangher and Kristian Al-Droubi. Administered by PRERANA Trust; the Green World Art & Culture Festival GWAF –Odisha sees its role as an incubator for art and ideas, artistic exchange and dialogue in the visual arts. Through our programming we aim to assist and develop forms of art such as media art, performance, and video, environmental, cultural, public and community based art and other experimental modes of cultural production.

This year the festival is establishing a base for new platform of art residence programs which will work on new level of art exchange.

Invitation to Artists

As a deliberate policy core invitees have been from different countries, which have resulted in the development of an active network of artists in the region. The GWAF –Odisha seeks to promote cross cultural exchange within the visual practices of the world.

The Festival provides space for slide lectures, small conferences, installations, performances, screenings and informal gatherings for artists and the alternative art community. It has consistently engaged with local artists, writers and creative individuals. It believes in networking and supporting other alternative groups and institutions with similar goals.


Applications are invited from artists, who are looking for a stint in a culturally and environmentally rich state like Odisha, to complete or complement a particular art project. The precise reasons underlying the desire to pursue an artistic project in Odisha should be specified. It is not essential that the project should be completed during the duration of the Festival, but in any case the GWAF –Odisha is mandatory at the end of the Festival. This event should provide the first glimpses into the outcome of the Festival. As well as pursuing his or her own project, the incumbent will be expected to interact with the local art world.

Last date for receipt of applications: Aug 31, 2012

Festival dates: 01 - 07 November 2012

Required documents (please send only soft copy in English )

*             Passport photo

*             Resume

*             Reasons for applying for the residency and outline of the artistic aims and objective including preferred dates for the residency in 2012

*             Information on previous significant artistic projects.

Please send your applications to:  greenworldartfestival@gmail.com
Attachments should not be greater than 2 MB in a single mail. 

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