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10 Oct 2013

India | D.I.S.C. travelling visual arts residency



D.I.S.C. the Art. Discover, Innovate, Share and Create. An Art residency for visual artists created by NAVJYOTI NGO ( Odisha ), “Rain Studio” NGO ( Lithuania ) and visual artists. International open call: ten artists will be selected to take part in this unique Art Residency.

The deadline for applications is October 10, 2013. An International Jury of 8 persons will be selecting the participants. The selection of artists chosen to participate in this Residency will be announced October 20th.

The main idea of the type of the Art residency we offer is to connect the artists from all over the world to travel and create together, do collaborative Art works, discover the tribal arts, nature, new art forms; protect and promote the culture and the tribal arts and crafts of India. The collaborative aspect while exchanging ideas, techniques and skills is important for international artists and for the tribal craftsmen. As well as their own works are so unique collaboration with the artists from different cultures will give the opportunity to step in to another layer of art.

As organizers we have chosen the unique places of India, tribal areas in the state of Odisha rich with the craft Arts and culture.  As an artists we are interested in discovering and promoting the Art, cultural heritage and unique culture of Odisha.

The project is important for the contemporary art scene of Odisha area in India. Cultural collaboration where East meets West will receive a public attention and will guide to a new steps and platforms in contemporary Art scene.

The aspect of sharing by traveling, living, creating, communicating, promoting the ideas of humanism is the basic path of the project. Also it is an opportunity to discover new-old form of life and innerself. It is a unique opportunity to live a different type of primitive living – green living – eco living.

The project will start in India the state of Odisha at the begining of February 2014 will continue for three months. Group of international artists will move to the areas of Kadhamal, Kalahandhi, Koraput, Rayagada, Balangiri,  Keonjhar for travelling and creating. As the finalizing point of the residency the inaugural exhibition in Bhubaneswar ( Odisha ) will be held.

Note: there is a fee for selected artists to participate