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31 Dec 2011

The Green Box Project | global fund for creative talent


Becks launches The Green Box Project, a global fund established to inspire, celebrate and financially support independent talent in art, design, music and fashion.

Over the next three years, Beck’s, through The Green Box Project, will fund and showcase 1,000 projects by individuals with unique creative vision.

Anyone can submit a proposal for funding within the areas of art, design, music or fashion. Each submission will be individually considered and reviewed by the dedicated Green Box team and its Board, led by three iconic artists admired and respected for their independent vision and consistently groundbreaking creative ambition.

The chosen submissions will then receive the requested funding to bring their project to life. The first wave of finalized Green Box Projects will be released around the world in 2012. The resulting art pieces will be experienced via augmented-reality in Green Boxes located around the world and will be permanently displayed in the fund’s virtual gallery.

[caption id="attachment_13163" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Designer Jason Bruges: http://www.jasonbruges.com"][/caption]

To start the project, from July to September 2011, Becks will release 30 Green Boxes holding exclusive virtual pieces by renowned artists in the US, UK and Italy.

Locate your nearest Green Box and launch its bespoke augmented-reality experience.

Collect, capture and share each virtual art-piece.

Access exclusive content about each art piece, such as artist interviews and behind-the-scenes footage