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31 Oct 2011

e-MIX call for visual theatre and mime companies


e-MIX is a new European Network for the Promotion and Profiling of Visual Theatre. Call for applications from mime and visual theatre companies, either based in or performing in Europe,  for the e-MIX quality label set up to support programmers and festivals.

The e-MIX European Mime Index is a new quality label for mime and visual theatre, the main objective is to expand the general interest for the genre to a wider audience. To achieve this the network provides programmers of festivals, theatres, cultural centres and others this new and handy tool to encourage them to programme modern visual theatre. The e-MIX starts an international dialogue between the creators of this visual theatre and unites them in a European, and later in an international network.

The e-MIX is, described simply, a Promotional Network that installs a Quality label, combined with a Travelling Promotion Festival, showing annually a selection of 3 exciting and promising productions united in a framed project. An artistic (selection) committee with members of all the official partners of e-MIX will be installed to make this selection possible. They will meet regularly to evaluate the subscribed compagnies and subsequently grant or grant not the quality label.

Read more about the three shows selected to date.

Applications are invited from both Companies for the Quality Label and Organisers wanting to join the network.

Basic guidelines for companies (please see website for full details):

For young and new companies that want to apply for the quality label, they need to fulfill 4 out of the 5 conditions to apply, and without fulfilling condition 1 your application will not be screened.

  1. Only mime- and visual theatre shows.
    Only Mime or Visual theatre performances can receive the eMIX quality label.

  2. Only reduced actors on easy stages.
    Only shows with a limitation of actors on stage as well a minimal set design will be selected.

  3. Only new shows.
    Only new shows can apply for the eMIX quality label.

  4. Only new companies.
    Only new artists and/or companies can apply for the eMIX quality label.

  5. Only shows for a general audience.
    Extreme experimental shows and entirely classical shows will be avoided.

Image: 'Le Placard' by Cie l'Optimiste (France), selected in 2011 for the European Mime Index