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28 Mar 2016

Becomebecome | transdisciplinary project masterclass in Athens


BECOMEBECOME is a development programme for transdisciplinary projects. Becomebecome Masterclass is looking for a wide variety of creators (visual artists, performers, dancers, educators, programmers, engineers) willing to expand their submitted projects beyond conventional understanding of the disciplines covering body practices, art, research and new technologies.

Date: 22-29 May, 2016 | Venue: Athens, Greece

Extended deadline: 28 March, 2016

The BecomeBecome Masterclass is an opportunity to transform your personal or professional project into a vibrant structure in order to discover new information about the project’s nature and develop it in unconventional directions.

Each member of the Masterclass will have the opportunity to communicate and finally evaluate the results of this process in collaboration with tutors from the transdisciplinary field of Art, Science and Technology. Participants will be part of a methodology that expands on the richness of their multicultural backgrounds to provide illuminating feedback, fertile networking and cooperative learning.

The last Masterclass in 2014 attracted talented artists and researchers from 10 different countries and created a special environment for peer-to-peer learning. If you wish to experience 7 days of eclectic Becomebecome methodology mixing various approaches towards education, body movement, cybernetics, dreams and future under the common theme of Cybernetic_Peripathetic, please find more details and application requirements on http://www.becomebecome.com/.

The programme of the BecomeBecome Masterclass is constructed around the Planetary Collegium syncretic practices in Art, Science and Technology research, and is complemented by visits to historical sites of Athens, where the participants have the opportunity to walk and project their model of thinking on the actual venues of the peripatetic school.

The BecomeBecome Masterclass is limited to 12 participants. The BecomeBecome Masterclass is partially funded, and participation fee is limited to 288 Euros per person. Traveling expenses, meals, and accommodations are not included.

To fully take advantage of the BecomeBecome pedagogic model it is important that the group spends time together before and after scheduled activities. Our team advises that all the participants are accommodated in one location as it is also going to be a less costly solution. Details will be shared with the participants soon after the deadline.