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20 Apr 2015

Australia - Japan Foundation Grant Program


The Australia-Japan Foundation's Grant Program for 2015-16 is open for applications for projects (including creative industries fields) commencing from July 2015 and no later than 30 June 2016. In 2016, the AJF will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding.

The Australia-Japan Foundation (AJF) grants program provides funding for innovative proposals relevant to the AJF's and government's objectives, the AJF's key priority areas (listed below) and the AJF's Strategic Plan 2014-17. The AJF seeks to expand people-to-people and institutional links through programs, partnerships with other organisations and seed funding of projects to enable them to grow. Proposals should clearly articulate the benefit to the bilateral relationship and/or potential for the development of long-term links between individuals and institutions in Australia and their counterparts in Japan.

In 2016, the AJF will celebrate the important milestone of the 40th anniversary of its founding. Applicants seeking funding for projects taking place in 2016 are asked to indicate agreement to AJF promotion and badging as a 40th anniversary activity.

The AJF has six priority areas for funding. Among these are the following arts and culture fields:

  • Society and Culture (including Community Grants)

Showcase Australian excellence and expertise in the arts and creative industries to Japanese audiences and build stronger cultural and artistic partnerships between individuals, organisations and institutions. Support people-to-people exchanges which increase partnerships with sporting, local government, youth, not-for-profit and community groups.

In addition, in 2015-16, AJF funding from the grants program will be reserved to enable up to six Publication Awards capped at AUD10,000 for each award to support the research and publication of books related to Australian studies, and the Australia-Japanese relationship.

For information on the Publication Award please refer to AJF Publication Award 2015-16 - Funding Guidelines.