18 Apr 2013 - 04 Oct 2017

Tokyo | Italian photographer presents collaborative Mongolian photo project

UB Ger Community Photo Studio is a collaborative photo project by photographer Laura Liverani. The works featuring local teens from Ulaanbaatar will be presented at the Open Show event, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography on 18 April. In a temporary photo studio set up with the help of local teens in the ger district of Chingeltei, Ulaanbaatar, people from the community were invited to have their portrait taken and to share their thoughts about life in the Mongolian growing shanty town. These are their portraits. UB Ger Community Photo Studio project is supported by NGO Mongolian Youth Development Services Center and Mongolian Photo News in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. About UB Community Photo Studio Project: http://www.facebook.com/pages/UB-Ger-Community-Photo-Studio/453398368082004 About Tokyo Open Show: http://openshow.org/tokyo/ About Laura Liverani: www.lauraliverani.com Image:  Ulaanbaatar, Chingeltei Ger District. Uranchimeg, 11 years old (left) and Ariunjargal, 12 years old (right) are posing for a portrait in a temporary photo studio set up with the help of local teens. They are both originally from Ulaanbaatar, and are 5 grade students at the same school in the ger area. When they grow up, Uranchimeg wants to become an actress, and Ariunjargal a cook. They have been living in the ger district since they were born.

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