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26 Mar 2015 - 30 Jun 2015

Singapour en France le Festival



Singapour en France le Festival (26 March - 30 June) celebrates 50 years of Singapore-France diplomatic relations and Singapore's Golden Jubilee with an arts festival and more than 80 events taking place across France in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, La Rochelle and Nantes.

Singapour en France – le Festival presents an opportunity to discover the art, culture and heritage of Singapore – one of the most unique city-states in the world. Singapore has historically been a gateway to Southeast Asia and the larger Asian region beyond. As a major trading post for the exchange of goods and ideas since the 14th century, Singapore has always participated in the wider world beyond its shores, while remaining rooted to its region. Artists in Singapore have become adept at both looking forward and looking back; at adapting and experimenting.
  • In Toulouse, the festival Made in Asia (27 March - 12 April) receives Singapore as guest of honour and features T'ang Quartet and Kham Cie contemporary dance among others.
  • In Lyon, the museum of contemporary art MAC Lyon hosts an exhibition 'Open Sea' (17 April - 12 July) dedicated to the contemporary art scene in Southeast Asia, with installations, videos, photography, painting, drawing from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Viet Nam and more...
  • palaisdetokyoIn Paris, the Palais de Tokyo presents an exhibition Secret Archipelago (26 March - 17 May), introducing the contemporary creation of South-East Asia, a region which is undergoing transformation and whose artists, still with firm roots in ancient traditions, are plunged into an ultra- contemporary world.
  • In Paris, on the occasion of the Secret Archipelago opening and the launch of Singapour en France - le festival, The Incredible Adventures of Border-Crossers, a performance directed by Ong Keng Sen will be presented on March 26-27.
  • In Nantes, the FRAC des Pays de la Loire has an exhibition 'Paradis sans promesse' (7 March - 10 May), featuring Singapore artists Chun Kai Feng, Godwin Koay, Joo Choon Lin, Loo Zihan, Kray Chen Kerui
  • In Lille, the Gare Saint Sauveur presents Art Garden (15 April  - 6 September), a family-friendly contemporary art show of interactive and engaging works by around 15 young Singapore artists that occupies a 2000 square metre space at the Gare Saint – Sauveur, a former train station for goods in Lille.
Keep up to date with the programme events on Facebook The event "Singapour en France - Le Festival" (26th March - 30th June 2015, is presented by Institut français, the National Heritage Board (Singapore) and the National Arts Council (Singapore), and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (France), Ministry of Culture and Communication (France), the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (Singapore) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Singapore) to celebrate 50 years of Singapore-France diplomatic relations and Singapore’s Golden Jubilee